Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From ReneV: 28mm Dreadball Teams (115 points)

Rene had a slow start but comes off the line sprinting with these two teams for Dreadball.

From Rene:

Well it had to happen one day. To loose the red color of embarrassment I really needed to turn in my first entry in the challenge if ever I was to get to my 1045 target.
So here it is: They are 2 teams of Dreadball Humans and Orcksies including MVP’s (Most valuable players) and the all seeing referee. The Orckish team is made up of 4 Guards, 6 Jacks and Slippery Joe.

The Human team includes 2 Guards, 4 Jacks, 4 Strikers and Number 88.

A nice total of 23 figures (including the referee) to play a game of Dreadball with (which will hopefully happen some day soon).
The colors are loosely based on some ridiculous sport where people try to toss or walk a oblong ball of sorts across and end line. This being the futuristic version does make it bearable.....just (of course my opinion is based on the fact of me being of the “shoot the round ball in a net” persuasion).
It was nice to do these figures though they are on the small side of 28mm (did not measure but around 25 I believe).
Not the most stonking paintjob ever but for some reason I find it “enough of a level” to play with.
Picture quality isn't too good, sorry for that, for lack of time, did not allow me to set up something good in the Kelvin department.
Lets hope Curt will grant me a nice whopping bonus for the 28mm scale ball that is painted to represent something giving light (which has gone fubar big time).

All that I can say is that at least it isn't based on hockey... Seriously, very cool figures Rene. I remember seeing the super-successful Kickstarter for this game so it's great to see the figures coming off of people's hobby desks.

I really like the colours you've chosen for these two teams - I think they work very well for their respective races. And that Number 88 looks quite scary with that featureless yellow helmet! 

These two teams will give Rene 115 points. Great work and welcome to the Challenge!

(Nice glowing ball btw!)


  1. Great teams Rene! Mine are still awaiting some attention
    I love the colour combos you've developed - very cool
    Good luck with them on the pitch!

  2. Very nice indeed and the colours are striking


  3. Nice work Rene. Great colours :)

  4. Great work. It reminds me I have a few of these from the kickstarter as well. hmmm.

  5. Top work Rene. The orcs in particular are wonderful.

  6. Very nice - interesting basing too.

  7. Very nice, like the muted brown skin on the orcs.

  8. These are the nicest dreadball figures I have seen. The colours are great and very atmospheric.

  9. They look fantastic! Well done. I wonder if there are also some SciFi Hooligans?


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