Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From ByronM: Warhammer 40K Dark Angels Space Marines Assault Squad (50 Points)

Byron takes a short break from his Great War project to get these Space Marines off his paint desk.

From Byron:
Here is another unit that is random cleanup from my pile of unpainted models just collecting dust.
These were put together at least 6 years ago, if not more, for a tournament list, then when play testing I found they were not worth their points (at the time almost 325 points for 10 guys) despite their mobility. They therefore got shelved before being painted and before the tournament, and I painted up something else. 
Since I worked on a Dark Angels character to replace a stolen / missing one lost at a tournament 2 years ago for my hero this coming week, I figured I should break out some more green marines to paint while working on the character, and hence this unit of 10 Dark Angel Space Marine jump pack assault troops.

Complete in the squad are 2 over-priced plasma pistols, and a sergeant with a similar pistol and an even more overpriced power fist.  Oh well, it looks cool, and thats all that counts, right?
Great work Byron. I really like the vibrant red of their various weapons set against the subdued green of their armour - very nice. Now your soon-to-be-revealed Dark Angels hero has some homies to roll out with!

These ten Space Marines will give Byron 50 points. Done and dusted!


  1. Great work Byron - those guys are beauties!

  2. Looking good! Like the contrast on the weapons and the armor and the transition from yellow to red on the plasma(?) pistols looks great!

  3. I appreciate the workmanship and the very good level of painting.

  4. Great work! I love these oldschool assault troopers. Reminds me of my first tentative steps into the hobby.

  5. Cracking stuff. For the Emperor!


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