Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From AndrewS: 20mm Ancient Nubians (200 points)

Andrew motors right along from his win in the 'Vehicle' bonus round with these natty neu Nubians.

From Andrew:
Now I have cleared a large part of the miscellaneous projects from the painting queue it was time to get back to the Christmas Present from my boys.

These 48 figures are all Hat 1/72 Nubian Infantry, and these have been split up to make three light infantry warbands. I have had do a fair bit of conversion work this time as I have almost used all the standard spear/javelinmen in the boxes. 

Again I have kept the painting to a base colour and highlight over the primer. As I have already shown at this scale two colours can often be more effective than full 3 colour work and certainly at gaming distance there is no significant difference. 
These 3 units will form part of the 2nd Division so I have colour coded the loin protectors, in this case they are all blue and only the pattern and officers cloak to distinguish each unit 
I have also given each units shields a different set of colours, Once again I decided to use the stipple effect to represent the hides, I was quite pleased with the final results. 
A little bit of extra work on the bases give a better overall finish to the whole army, and continuing with the scheme already mentioned before.

I am just at the half way point, now with this project.

Beautiful work again Andrew! I love the hide shields, and the colour-coded loincloths are a great idea. Hm, I wonder if Ray has colour coded budgie smugglers for each day of the week? 

Actually, take that back, I really don't want to know.

These lads will give Andrew 200 points, which includes a few bonus pips for the lovely hide shields.


  1. You mean to tell me you don't Curt???

    1. Nope, commando all the way baby (except for really cold days then its long johns to the fore). Hmm, tmi?

  2. Great work again Loki and a handy extension to your lead on the points table :)

  3. Nice. It's going to be great looking army.

  4. Well done Andrew, you're flying mate. This will be something to see when complete!

  5. Really good looking stuff once again! Still can't believe how fast you are able to paint these guys

  6. Wow - these look great - I wouldn't have thought they were 1/72nd plastics.

  7. This army when complete will look superb as each unit looks so good on its own together they will be magnificent. Good Work Loki.

  8. Fantastic work - I'm amazed at the combination of quantity and quality you're producing here

  9. Great looking mini's again



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