Saturday, January 11, 2014

From RayR: 15mm Nine Years War French Cavalry (49 points)

From Ray:
I've been busy with the brush here's another unit for the Challenge. 

My next entry is another French Chevauleger (Horse) regt for the Nine Years War, but this time we have a little colour, not much I must admit but at least its not that boring grey again. 
This is the regt Anjou which I only chose because I had the flag for it and it wasn't a grey regiment!! They're Essex minis once again and the flag, like my previous unit was free from the old and defunct Venexia site.

Great work Ray. I'm sure it's nice to get away from the grey paint for a bit. I quite like that figure with his arm slung over his drum - very jaunty!

These 12 lads will give Ray 49 points. Lovely stuff Mr. Rousell.


  1. They are very nice Ray, lovely work.

  2. Well done Mate especially given your shifts of late.

  3. Excellent entry by Ray - and I also pick units by uniform sometimes. Best, Dean

  4. Lovely looking unit again Ray

  5. Lovely stuff Ray. I'm really enjoying your NYW stuff mate!

  6. Thanks for the comment chaps and chappesses!

  7. These are great, love your crisp painting style



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