Saturday, January 11, 2014

From KevH: 20mm Dark Age Viking Army (535 points)

KevH breaks for tea as celebration for finishing his new Viking army.

From Kev:
Here is the Viking army in all it's 20mm glory, lol.
All figures are plastic 1/72 (20mm). The majority are Zvezda & Strelets, with a very small amount of Revell to make up the numbers. This force is more or less the same composition as the Saxon Army I painted last year.
The Army general has already been seen and is here just for completion.

The Army is based for Hail Caesar and to our own basing system for the rules. We mount infantry on 30mm x 30mm and four bases make a standard unit. Two bases make a small unit with a large unit at six bases. Skirmishers are usually a small unit and consist of three figures. The troop types also determine how many figures will be on a base. 
Heavy infantry are 4 figures.
Medium infantry are 3 figures.
And Light infantry are 2 figures.
We found this system works well and the troop type is easily recognizable.
The Army consists of
The CinC (already Submitted)
2 x Divisional commands (3 figures per base)
1 x Hearthguard (Huscarle) Heavy Infantry unit (16 Figs)
3 x Hirdmen units, (16 figs per unit).
3 x Bondi units, Medium Infantry, (12 figs per unit).
5 x Beserker stands (2 figs per stand) for representing the Beserker wild fighter element within a unit.
1 x Bow unit, Light Infantry, (8 figs)
2 x skirmish units, (6 figs in total)
Thats a total of 140 figures according to my reckoning and not including the command. [Actually it adds up to 130 figures - ed.]
All standard bearers are conversions as you only get 1 in the Zvezda box and he is blowing a horn as well.
So I used them both as horn blowers and converted 10 into standard bearers for the unit and army commands.
I need my tea now.
Indeed! That is a colossal amount of work Kev, well done young man!

This Viking force will give Kev a very impressive 535 points, which includes some extra for the standard-bearer conversions. This was a little too late in his race with Andrew but it will pip him into 1st place in the points roster, with a point to spare! (And, serves as a quick response to Millsy's challenge!)

Fabulous work and an impressive effort Kev!


  1. Very nice work buddy as I have already said today, and a point ahead eh you sly old git ;)

  2. Haha cheers Curt, my bad calcs.
    I doubled up on the beserkers.
    Lol Andy, it wont be for long buddy.

  3. Good heavens that's a lot of figures in one go Kev!

    For Odin!

  4. Fantastic job Kev!
    No doubt the All-Father Odin is proud of you!

  5. Great job Kev they look amazing well deserved points

  6. Brilliant. That's a whole lot of painting. I am Impressed.

  7. Impressive stuff! Especially in that scale!

  8. Oh Kev, now that's a a hell of entry. Great stuff. And a large haul to keep those of an antipodean persuasion on their toes.

  9. That's a tidy little army! Very nice.

    Now, when are you going to move up a gear and get serious about this Challenge! ;)

  10. Cheers for the comments fellow painters.
    That is now the dark ages covered for our HC gaming.
    Normans to follow, crusaders and a few Dacians.

  11. It's as good as it's large

    Well done


  12. Great painting work, sir; they really nice!

  13. You did an excellent paintjob on this army!

  14. Whoa, quite a tally. Nice army all in one.

  15. ROFLAMO. Looks like we have an arms race on our hands. First I threw a Mills bomb, the Curt lets loose with the F-bomb and then we see the ultimate response - the KevH-bomb! Cracking stuff sir. Well done.

    1. Millsy, you have no idea. Sarah calls me 'The Great Vulgarian'. I spend a significant portion of my workday deleting expletives from my writing before I hit 'send'. :)

    2. You're not alone sir. On my return from the fire brigade it takes a conscious effort to moderate my language. I mostly get it right. Mostly. :-)

  16. Really nice looking army and a sizeable chunk of points!


  17. That's a kick ass submission.

  18. >500 points in one submission?????
    That's just plain mean.

    Great work - love the shields

  19. Nice work Kev.
    I am depressed to see that entries apparently must now cotnain entire armies...


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