Saturday, January 11, 2014

From AlanD: 15mm WWII German 'Stuka zu Fuss' Self-Propelled rocket Projectors (16 points)

Alan sprints for his 500 point target with these two German self-propelled rocket projectors.

From Alan:
So, here is a brace of Sdkfz 251/1 halftracks, with Wurfrahmen 40 rocket launchers. The models are resin from Forged in Battle, and quite nice they are, with lots of clutter to make them look lived in. 
The interior detail is fairly dodgy due to moulding the complex shape of the vehicle in one piece, but the sculptor has camouflaged this pretty well with clutter and some extra rockets in their launching frames inside the vehicles. 
As with all my 15mm WWII stuff so far, these are destined for use with Battlegroup Kursk. And let's face it, they look pretty mean.

Very nice work Alan. The detail on these models looks a bit soft but, as you say, the interior detail is nice and you've really done a wonderful job, working to their strengths. 

These two vehicles along with their crew will give Alan 16 points, just enough for him to seize the win in the 500 point side-challenge between him, PaulJ and JamesL. Congratulations and Well Done!


  1. Nice 251s Alan and congrats on winning your 500 points race :)

  2. They look great and congrats on the 500 pts race

  3. These are very nice indeed. I look forward to seeing how they hold up to the main armament of a T-34!

    Well done mate. I still say that taking advantage of a man on a scout Jamboree is the act of a cad though! :-D

  4. As Curt said they look rather mean. Great work, especially on the camo.

  5. Grats on breaking the 500 Barrier. I appreciate the camo on the helmet covers. Nice touch.

  6. Nice painting and yes they do look mean


  7. Very nice painting work! Fantastic vehicles!


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