Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From AnneO'L: Bombshell, Robot, Evil Warrior & Cyber-Ape (28 points)

Anne has sent in this wonderfully eclectic mix of figures for us to enjoy.

From Anne:
These pieces were all about getting a handle on painting weathered metals. I got into this hobby by following wargamers and no one can weather metal like those guys can.  It took me ages but I finally found a tutorial here that helped me work it out.
The female is a 28mm figure from Bombshell Babes and was sculpted by Patrick Keith and the Robot is from Stonehaven.
Normally one would not think of putting these two figures together, but last year I developed a fondness for Pulp and so it seemed natural for me to do so.  
I included a close up of the metals so that the weathering would be apparent.
The Evil Warrior is a 28mm BONES from Reaper and was sculpted by Bobbie Jackson. The kitten is actually the sidekick for the Bombshell Babe figure in the first set of figures.
I'm known for painting "girly" figures so I thought "Anne, it's time you painted something big, something fierce, something macho" so I settled on this big scary guy. He also had loads of metal for me to practise my weathering on.
After I'd got him done and looked at that pose I thought "He really should be attacking something, moving in for that final kill" 
So here I am with this masculine figure and I just can't leave well enough alone. So I let my true nature have it's way and decided to have him attacking the kitten. It made sense to me.
I knew I wanted to free hand a skull on that shield but I had a hard time coming up with something that would work with the curves at the top of the shield and the spikiness of the bottom. It took me three tries to come up with this modified skull.
This is a 40mm Reaper BONES figure and was sculpted by Jason Wiebe.
I had to fight my girly nature with this guy. My instinct was to paint up a petite female to base him with and call it "Beauty and The Beast", but I resisted that temptation and painted him up alone and based him in a simple manner.
Reaper really dropped the ball when they cast this figure. The face was in terrible shape and the mouth was an utter mess, making it difficult to bring out the personality of this figure. In my opinion what Reaper has done by miscasting figures from talented sculptors is an outrage. When a company destroys the work of sculptors like Patrick Keith, Bob Oily, Jason Wiebe, Bob Ridolfi and Sandra Garrity in order to turn a mass profit, that company is damaging our hobby and they should be ashamed of it.  Some of the BONES figures are great value for money, but if you're looking for quality, look elsewhere.
On the painting table right now is a Cowboy vignette of a Faro game gone awry along with a diorama made up of Foundry Orclings riding dinosaurs. 

This is a great collection of work Anne. I like the rusted metal on the Robot and the Kitten has an expression like it's hiding something that the Evil Warrior has not taken into account. I've not worked with any of the Reaper BONES stuff so I find it troubling that the casts are not living up to the hype. I hope this is something they will troubleshoot and resolve because, as you say, it would be a shame to mare the good work of these talented sculptors.

I'm not quite sure on all a the scales but I'll go out on a limb and assume the Cyper-Ape is a fairly large lad. This wonderfully motley assortment of figures will provide Anne with 28 points including a bit extra for the wry puddy tat and the nice bases.


  1. Anne

    Beautiful creatures. No cat is ever innocent. To quote Terry Pratchett
    “If cats looked like frogs we'd realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That's what people remember.”


  2. WoW!! some really excellent looking figures Anne!!! Your getting better and better with each figure you paint!!!!!

  3. Great painting Anne. That robot looks like it needs a large can of WD40!

  4. Wow. Just WOW. Absolutely lovely Anne. You've absolutely nailed the rusted metal effects.

  5. Fantastic Anne! These really blew me away. I have bookmarked that tutorial, as I want to do some rust effects. I may chicken out.

  6. Fabulous set, Anne! The metalwork is superb and each of these tells a colorful story.

  7. I really like your painting style Anne! And great to see that kitten getting what it deserves.

  8. Amazing work and absolutely unconventional choice of colours. Lokking at that kittens facial expression I'm not too sure your skull knight won't experience a nasty surprise. Over here in Germany we'd say 'sein blaues Wunder erleben' (lierally: he'll experience his blue wonder).

  9. Thanks you guys. These were fun figures to paint. But you can see where I'm getting sloppy because I'm in a hurry-I forgot to paint the base for the Babe and Robot black!

  10. Fab painting Anne - your metal weathering is top notch.

    As for Kitty, I thought he was the evil guy's sneak attack cat - "Give me your virgins or I unleash the cat!"

  11. Great work Anne so great brush work there

  12. Excellent and very characterful.

  13. Great work again Anne, your style is so unmistakable


  14. Very nice and colourful paintjob.
    Excellent !

  15. Superb - I really like your painting and basing styles - just top notch work

  16. Really excellent work cailin and I agree about the Bones quality!

  17. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!! You are a great artist!!!!! Excellent work, great painting and wonderful colours. I like a lot the rust effect.

  18. Such wonderful work Anne, wonderful skill, variety and technique - a tour de force!

  19. Artist is the word your work is amazing i love they depth of colours and shading and the weathered metal look just right, you are very skilled and talented


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