Tuesday, January 7, 2014

From AlanD: 28mm Dark Age Huns (100 points)

Alan sends in these awesome mounted Steppe warriors who will debut in his upcoming games of SAGA.

From Alan:
I'm flitting between a few different projects, as is my wont. This week, I have been mostly starting on a pile of unpainted Huns. These chaps have been making unruly noises in my lead mountain for a while, threatening some of the other figures and making unkind remarks about the Duchess, so it is time to get some paint on them. Appeasement? Perhaps.

I originally bought these Wargames Foundry figures for some rules I was working on for a version of SAGA set in the fourth and fifth centuries. Now I think they are also destined to act as Steppe Nomads in SAGA (some of those late Roman helmets were obviously treasured family heirlooms...), and might form the core of an army for Impetus.

I wanted to give them a beginning of winter feel, mainly to match up with my Pagan Rus figures. Having seen Curt's beautiful snow effects on his figures for the 1812 campaign, my snow looks very unconvincing. Then again, I live in Sydney, so what would I know?

Wonderful work Alan. I think all-horse Hunnic armies look so very cool on the tabletop. The natural earth tones of your Huns along with their mounts contrasts very nicely against the stark snowy terrain (even if it has a certain Hollywood fluff about it - as you say, you Sydneysiders can claim blissful ignorance regarding the artful nuances of ice & snow, lucky gits...). 

These 10 Steppe Nomads will give Alan 100 points. which places him within striking distance of his 500 point target. Great job! Paul and Alan - you best lash yourselves to the oars if you plan to catch up!


  1. Very very nice!!! Great work Alan!

  2. I always enjoy mounted figures,-your horses are beautiful. Well done!!

  3. Who couldn't love the sight of a bunch of steppe nomads on their horses (by the way, great job on those)?

  4. Wow, these look great. Love the frosty bases!

  5. Any points earned while fellow competitors are rendering community service are clearly inappropriate and therefore ineligible for consideration.

    That said they are lovely figs!

  6. These are great, I will be trying snow real soon :-)


  7. I've been tempted to add a Steppe Nomad army to my Saga collection - if I could convince myself I could paint mine halfway as good as yours I'd be there!

  8. Great work, love the snow effect (I know how difficult it can be to pull off).

  9. They are fantastic, some of the best figures from the Perry Twins, IMHO. Fantastic painting work.
    A full army of mounted warriors...


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