Tuesday, January 7, 2014

AndyM: 28mm SYW Limbered Artillery (90 Points)

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From Andy:

These are the limbers and bits I needed to add to a collection of beautiful figures give to me last November. I'll be posting them on my blog soon. To supplement them I wanted to do limbers for the guns and a colonel. The entry for the challenge just consists of the limbers themselves and the Master of Artillery. The limbers and horse are Irregular, the drivers are Minden (lovely figures) and the Master is Irregular. He is much bigger then the others but I have a backstory to explain his giant size!

I've attached pics of the full battery 'in transit'. I THINK the guns are Foundry but not sure. The guards are Huzzah Miniatures from Fighting 15s. You can also see the Minden colonel I painted as commander of this new contingent.
The 'guard' bases have a curved front to allow the gun to 'bend' when in column of march. An idea shamelessly stolen from my mate Essex Boy!

Not a huge entry but it gets me in double figures and clears the decks for the main effort...
More coming soon!

Lovely work Andy those Huzzah figures are gorgeous and the Minden stuff is superb as well. I also quite like that curved base idea (I'll be stealing that, thank you!).  So, what is the backstory for the difference in scale with the Master? 

This excellent battery of guns will give Andy 90 points. Well done!


  1. Great job Andy - although I have to say I still prefer magnificent yellow Austrian guns to those menacing blue Prussian ones...

  2. Lovely boom-booms Andy!

    You're on a roll now :)

  3. Great looking limbers and troops, I recon the big guy is a great granddad of yours?


  4. Great work Andy, love the bendy bases as well.....what a great idea!!!

  5. Wowsers Andy, these are sweet mate. Love the blue and the water on the base is great as well. These Minden figs seen really well proportioned too.

  6. Thank you all!
    The choice of gun colour was pre-defined as they came that way! My other ones are red! But yellow does appeal... :)
    The big guy earned his reputation as a young gunner. A veritable giant of a man at 6' 8" with the muscles of an ox, he is famed for having dragged his 12lb gun single handed from the field of battle after all his comrades were killed! Earning him promotion and a feared reputation!
    Don't mess with him!
    Now to paint something smaller...


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