Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From PaulJ: 28mm Steampunk Royal Navy Armoured Landing Party (50 points)

PaulJ sends us this wonderful Victorian steampunk diversion for us to enjoy.

From Paul:
My first submission for the competition is a Royal Navy Armoured Landing Party for In Her Majesty's Name.  Led by a Lieutenant assisted by a Chief Petty Officer, they command a 4 man rifle unit and a 4 man cutlass and pistol assault unit. 
The landing parties of the Royal Navy are well armoured to withstand fire while closing with the enemy to take defended ships and locations.  Supported by ship launched support dirigibles or light steam contraptions, these sailors give Naval Commanders many options to take the fight to the enemy both at sea and ashore.  
Landing parties can also be deploying via war-dirigibles of the Royal Naval Air Service, extending their utility significantly. The exploits of RN landing teams in recent history are an inspiration to many. British newspapers were abuzz with the feats of Commander Everton in the Orient, for which for was knighted upon his return. More recently, young Midshipman Hornblower (the latest personality of that reputable naval family) and the grizzly but ever loyal Petty Officer Bowlin, have built a reputation in action on the Nile and the rivers of the Dark Continent.
All 28mm figures by Ironclad Miniatures.  Now to start on their support dirigible and contraptions!

Excellent work Paul! I particularly like the Union Jack emblazoned on the Lieutenant's breastplate. Flag close to heart, wot! I also like your backdrop of soil and grass as I whimsically look out my window at three feet of snow...

This squad of Her Majesty's finest will give Paul 50 points. Great job! Now, please get back to us with that dirigible you had mentioned.


  1. Wow - I like those! Love the Union Jack on the leader. Best, Dean

  2. Now THAT is different - very cool. Nice entry.

  3. Very nice entry Paul.

    I particularly like that you can put them outside to get a nice picture of them in proper lighting! Not like here, where the paint would crack off at close to -31 last night.... GregB and I have been discussing the horrors of trying to prime in our weather.

  4. Great idea on the Union Jack. And for reminding Curt what the earth actually looks like.. :-)

  5. The variety of figures this year is great these are so nice the painting is perfect really nice job there.

  6. Hehe. These are superb. Love the armour, very Ned Kelly ;-)

    1. Funny, I was thinking the very same thing when I first saw these.

  7. great work, would not want to fall over board in that armour
    Peace James

  8. Yeah. Ned Kelly inspired brits. Great job.

  9. Hopefully their enemies don't resort to disabling them the same way the Colonial Police did; by aiming at their un-armoured legs!

    Nice work, Paul

  10. Very nice painting and great overall theme.


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