Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From DaveD: 'The Dalton Gang' - 28mm Wild West Gunslingers (75 points)

Dave continues with his Wild West theme and sends in these excellent rootin' tootin' ne're-do-wells from the outskirts of Serenity.

From Dave:
Here we have a new band of trouble makers heading out of Serenity territory heading down South of the Rio Grande. Maybe they need to be cut off at the pass!

These are 28mm Wargames Foundry of which I have picked up a host of them recently. I had forgotten how nice they are overall , not too fussy or over detailed and clean crisp casting. Of course the beauty of these is they do a matched mounted and foot figure - really useful.

So time to do some victims for these to "terrorise"

Really lovely work Dave. I too really like these Foundry sculpts - very clean and substantial. 

These five varmints, both mounted and not, will give Dave 75 points. Great job!


  1. Awesome looking paint jobs. Love the horses, you did a marvelous job on them. More so since I can't paint them worth a damn.... excellent work!

    Love the terrain too.

  2. Great work more vermin for Stumpy to arrest... or blow away
    Peace James

  3. These are absolutely wonderful, especially the skewbald horse. Lovely stuff Dave.

  4. With a name like mine I really have to appreciate cowboy figures. And these are very nice. I like them a lot a really nice addition to anyone's collection.

  5. Excellent models, I love these Foundry Wild West figures.

  6. You have done a great job as always


  7. Brilliant work on these adventurous gentlemen.

  8. even if they are only five , the are magnificent!

    All the best

    Gilles W "I fought the law and the law won!"

  9. A dusty group of gunslingers if I ever saw one. There'll be trouble in Serenity when these chaps hit Town. Lovely figures, Dave!


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