Wednesday, December 18, 2013

From AndrewS: Challenge Desperado - 28mm 'Sheriff Saunders' (23 points)

Andrew starts out of the blocks with this very fine sheriff figure who will take his place amongst the other Challenge Desperados.

From Andrew:
The loon is off the mark!!!!
I decided to open my account this year with the entry fee figure, This is a Foundry sheriff from their excellent range. I picked this and a Mexican up from Ebay a while back and myself and Kevin drew straws to see who got what figure to paint.  I undercoated in black and worked up using Foundry paints and various techniques to achieve the finished look.  
The base took rather longer than planned and my bright idea of making a few bits of tumble weed got rather messy and took several attempts to get the desired look I wanted. I decided to have him walking past a horse rail that I had tucked away the bonus was that it had a nice little cacti attached. The tumbleweeds came from a few experiments with different products this final incarnation is the result of some polyfibre and a fair bit of dry brushing. 

Overall I am happy with the final finish, and hope he is a fitting model for this years theme.

Wonderful work Andrew! The figure is brilliant and the basework really places him in context - excellent stuff.

Sheriff Saunders will give Andrew a base of 20 points but I'm adding another 3 for the wonderful basework (who knew tumbleweeds could be so fiddly!).


  1. Great work Loki the base work as usual is top draw

  2. Very Nice Loki. Very nice indeed.

  3. Lovely work, great idea re the tumbleweed

  4. I love the little touches on this, it really makes it all fit together nicely :)

  5. Typically fine sir, typically fine


  6. Very nice work Andrew. The tumbleweed is a great addition!

  7. Gret work Loki!
    looks like Kurt Russell in the movie!


    All the best


  8. oups missing a "A" for Great work !
    I hope it gret is not an offending word for the Lawmen
    my apologises



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