Monday, December 23, 2013

From MilesR: 28mm Confederate ACW Regiment (121 points)

Miles adds to his American Civil War collection with this fine regiment of Rebs from Hood's fierce Texas Brigade.

From Miles:
Attached are some photos of my second entry into the challenge - yet another 24 figure Confederate infantry regiment.  The figures are from the 28mm Perry plastic Confederate Infantry box set.  These troops are modeled as the 5th Texas infantry regiment of Hood's Brigade. 

I finished the 1st Texas as part of last year's challenge and now just have 3 left to fill out the Brigade. This regiment will bring my Confederate army up to 12 out of a targeted 15.
Wow, twelve regiments done! I trust we'll see you finish off the other three during this Challenge. Am I right? Of course I'm right. ;)

This fine regiment, representing the Lone Star State, will give Miles 121 points which includes a bit extra for the Battle Flag. Great job Miles!


  1. Lovely job Miles! They look terrific indeed.

    And congrats on being the leading US a country mile too!

  2. Looking really good miles your motoring into it.

  3. Oooh these are sweet. Great point haul!!!

  4. Great work Miles going to look forward to a finished picture of the whole Brigade when complete
    Peace James

    1. With 15 units I'm thinking we're going to be looking at a Very Big division or perhaps a small corps. Wicked.

  5. Cool amount of figures to get done in a short length of time. Well done.

  6. Always enjoy your ACW work


  7. Great work on these rebs! And very fast painting also.

  8. Thanks for the very kind comments - painting the Perry plastics is very easy. I'm hoping I can get a few boxes of the upcoming ACW plastic artillery in time for the challenge - one can never have too much artillery, can one?

  9. This is a fantastic painting work. And one of my favourite regiments. Very nice!


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