Monday, December 23, 2013

From AlanD: 15mm WWII German Halftracks (41 points)

Okay! We've had our fun with the first Theme Bonus Round now back to the trenches (well, for me anyway). 

Alan sends in this great set of German WWII era halftracks.

From Alan:
One of my best gaming discoveries of 2013 was Battle Group Kursk, which made me enthusiastic about painting WWII stuff for the first time in years. I particularly love the fact that the rules actually give you a reason to paint up and use lots of support vehicles, such as these 15mm half tracks from Forged in Battle. 

What we have are two Sdkfz 251/3 command vehicles, a 251/8 ambulance, a 251/11 telephone cable layer to increase the chances of those artillery requests getting through and a Sdkfz 10/4 flak vehicle.

Wonderful stuff Alan! As I mentioned to you before I particularly like the communications halftrack with the elevated wiring guide for the cabling. 

This group of vehicles will give Alan 41 points (which includes a few for the crews). Great work!


  1. Great looking Halftracks. It is good to have support vehicles in a game it makes it so much more interesting than just tanks and infantry.

  2. Well done! These halftracks look superb and you see much too few support vehicles on the table...

  3. Really nice job, well earned points, can't wait to see what you have next

  4. I'm always amazed at how well you guys paint up 15mm figures. These are excellent.

  5. Very nice this painting work. It is really good to see "other" vehicles on play and not only the big cats.

  6. Very nice Sir Dux - I'd say well done but these now put you ahead of me in points you cad! Instead I look forward to destroying these with the might of my T-34s!

    Seriously though, nice work mate

  7. Nice. Love the coms halftrack and the Medic one. Don't see those very often.

  8. Very nice camo - love the sand & green pattern. It looks impressively subtle compared to the more often used pattern with brown included.


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