Monday, December 23, 2013

From ChristopherS: 28mm Dark Age Saxon Gedriht Warriors (35 points)

Christopher sends in this beautiful unit of Dark Age Saxons.

From Christopher:
My next entry is Saxon Gedriht which are elite fighters typically members of a Warlords family, close retainers and household guard (Huscarls) and are professional warriors armed with the best armour and weapons in the army. 
When I first saw these on the Musketeer web site I knew I had to have them as they looked seriously hard and fearsome. 
They are based on individual bases mounted on a sabot movement tray. The shields are LBM with some MIG pigments I added to give a more used effect. 
They are mostly painted with Foundry paints which are my personal favorites and some Vallejo.
I always really enjoy your Dark Age work Christopher, and these lads certainly don't disappoint. You're right they do look suitably ferocious and hard-bitten, especially with their motley assortment of armour and well-used shields.

These six Saxons will give Christopher a base of 30 points, but I'm adding another 5 for the great basing and weathered shields. This will give Christopher enough to pip past me and Martin into first place in our private duel to 500 points. Well done but this lead won't last for too long... ;->


  1. Great stuff I just move my Dux B Saxons onto my painting desk before leaving for work if they turn out half as good as these I will be a happy man
    Peace James

  2. Fantastic job - a fearsome bunch of chaps indeed.
    They don't look the sort to cower behind a shieldwall like maidens either!

  3. Really, really good. They look like hardcore veterans.

  4. I really like theses Chris and the basing is amazing great job

  5. These look great, love the basing


  6. Chris, as you already know I LOVE your painting and basing and the bonus points are well deserved. Your Gedriht did well on saturday even when loosing in the end :-P

  7. Very very nice. The bases are excellent.

  8. Excellent, the shields have really worked

  9. Absolutely lovely.

    I plan to do my Sacons for SAGA on a budget, so mine will be Gripping Beast Plastics, but I think I will at least go for a Musketeer Minis command for them!

  10. Thank you folks I appreciate your support!


  11. Great work - they look hard as rock!

  12. Awesome, the kind of painting which makes me feel like giving up!

  13. Wonderful work as always from Christopher. Love your attention to the basing as well. Dean


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