Friday, December 27, 2013

From DallasE: 28mm 40K Tech Priest, Dwarves & M113 APCs (90 points)

Dallas, one of the Old Guard of my old gaming group: The Fawcett Ave Conscripts, sends in this great post featuring a 40K Tech Priest, a passel of Dwarves and a trio of M113 APCs.

From Dallas:
1. Rogue Trader era 28mm Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest. Useful as an objective or scenic weirdness in our occasional RT games. 

2. Hasslefree 28mm Dwarves (4). Picked these up at Salute '12 and with the recent Fantasy Madness have just painted them. A joy to paint, etc. They are great, ordering more.

3. First Corps 28mm M113 APCs (3). Got these for my birthday, to go with the MOPP-suited US Army troops I painted for your last competition (!). These are not very good models and required a lot of cleanup and greenstuff work to get looking remotely "OK". Strictly speaking they are Vietnam-era, but I sculpted gasmasks on the crew and I think they're close enough for government work ;-) The stowage is random resin stuff found on eBay as "Sherman stowage". It's from someplace in South Korea and is really good stuff, except that it reeks! The smell dissipated completely after soapy cleanup, but this stuff ponged something fierce.

Great work Dal! Even though the kits were a bugger to build you sure did a nice job on them - they look fabulous.  The stowage you added really gives them that lived-in look (even providing the pongy laundry smell-o-rama effect).

This eclectic submission will give Dallas 90 points (with a bit extra added for the sculpted gasmasks and stowage). Well done buddy!


  1. Love the details on the M113s! Very nice!

  2. Good job. The things we do for our hobby, putting up with smells and noxious substances ...and Ray...

  3. Great looking dwarves and the APCs too. Dean

  4. Great work love those Dwarves will have to check them out

  5. Great work Dallas - the 113s in particular will make great "Hind bait"...

  6. Very nice indeed and I think you will have me checking out Hasselfree



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