Friday, December 27, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic Bavarian Cavalry & French Artillery (90 points)

From Ben:
When I bought the Bavarians, I thought I'd bought enough for the four regiments in IV Corps, but it turned out I was a regiment short! By the time I realized my miscalculation, it was too late to order another set, so my compromise was to use left over French chasseurs with Wurrtemberg artillerymen's heads. The horses are the UGLY (with a capital UG) ones that come with the chasseurs. The officer was an early experiment (he's the only one with sash and plume) and therefore can't be counted towards my Challenge total. All the horses and the rest of the troopers I painted in the Challenge, though.
Next, from butt-ugly to beautiful! This is the first of 2 Italian 12-pounder batteries which will provide some muscle in the firepower department for IV Corps. The figures are from Zvezda and are just superbly sculpted and come up a treat.

To round off this entry are 2 more regimental guns. One has a Zvezda gunner, the other a HaT gunner. Both have replacement heads from the beautiful range by Franznap. The Zvezda gunner is by far the pick of the bunch, so far, IMHO!

Lovely, lovely stuff Ben. I agree, that Zvezda gunner is the belle of the ball to be sure. I remember looking at both the Zvezda and Franznap stuff and almost wavering in my commitment to Napoleonics in 28mm. Beautiful work and I really like the Franznap head swap.

The Bavarian cavalry and artillery will give Ben 90 points, which includes a few more for the head swaps on the cavalry and gunners. Well done!


  1. Great work loving all you Nap stuff really getting me looking at my French in the lead pile
    Peace James

  2. You've done a great job on the heads swap wouldn't have known if you hadn't said really nice work

  3. Nice conversions. I would never have known if you hadn't pointed it out. The smoke rising from the portfire is a lovely touch too.

  4. It's nice to see so many mounted figures and so well done. And like everyone else, that gunner is excellent!

  5. I am enjoying these. Lovely work

  6. You make a compelling argument for Naps in 20mm


  7. Great painting and conversion work Ben, keep it up!!!

  8. Not my period but very nice painting!


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