Friday, December 27, 2013

From AaronH: 28mm Early Imperial Roman Auxiliaries (82 points)

Aaron continues to make inroads with his EIR project with this new unit of Imperial auxiliaries.

From Aaron:
Here’s another batch of EIR Romans.  These are sixteen more auxiliaries, the two missing command for the yellow cohort and the other fourteen models for the green cohort, also known as the Cohors V Gallorum.  
These are all Warlord models again, and the last of their auxiliary medium infantry that I’ll be doing.  The rest of my auxiliary troops will be alternative models, at least until the next legion needs some support. 
These guys painted up really quickly; I actually had them done before Christmas.  Being the third set I’ve done my hands were able to do the work while my brain wandered. 

I have one more unit, cavalry this time, and the command bases to finish and this army is done; at least as far as the models on hand.  I need some more legionaries, and cavalry, and more Numidian light horse, and some heavy artillery and… 

I guess no army is ever really done.

Great work Aaron! It's nice when you get so comfortable painting figures that your hands can go into autopilot and your mind can percolate on other stuff.  I often listen to audiobooks while I paint - I love the idea of being able to truly do two things at once. 

These sixteen Romans will give Aaron 82 points (with a couple extra as I know how fiddly those shield transfers can be). Well done!


  1. Nice job! The shields look great as does the gold at the top of the helmet.

  2. Nice work Aaron and it's very true no army is ever really done!


    1. Thank you Axebreaker. I'm sure that this army, especially, will just continue. The Romans were what pulled me into historical gaming.

  3. Really nice work Aaron a great entry

  4. Well done Aaron. Those look great.

  5. Very nice, .now what did the Romans ever do for us eh?

  6. Ohhh more great Roman's, looking forward to what you do with the cavalry


  7. Great painting! The green looks spot on.


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