Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From SebG: Ronin #38 and His Two Compatriots (30 points)

From Seb:

My new entry is about the long awaited ronin! Since I didn't have any in stock, I bought a set of three from Black hat miniatures, and they look pretty good. They have characterful faces and I enjoyed painting them, even though I really don't like 28mm. I kept the painting quite simple. 
After all, they're supposed to be ronin, and according to the story, they had to stay low. So, too fancy a dress, and Bob's your uncle. 
Curt's ronin will the red one. 

The thing, I really don't know what to do with the other two. If someone has an idea ;)

Lovely stuff Seb! You've done a great service to a wonderful set of sculpts. I really like how you painted the kimonos on each of the three models, they work so well together. In fact, it would be a crying shame to break them up...  

Just sayin'.  ;-P

Ronin #38 and his two bow-armed pals (as opposed to bow legged) will give Seb 30 points. Thanks so much, mon ami!


  1. Very nice Seb, great choice of colours.

  2. Nice figures well painted,


  3. Lovely work Seb! I think the muted colours look right for the 47.

  4. Nice work Seb! A great choice of colours, love the blue bow.