Thursday, March 14, 2013

From ChrisP: 28mm Early Imperial Romans (455 points)

As we see here Chris is not sitting back to see first place slip from his grasp.

From Chris:
I have been doing my best Kent impression, painting a whole lot of Romans at once! This entry is made of Romans, Romans and more Romans. All from Warlord Games. There is...
3 Bases of Legionaries
1 Base of Praetorians

4 Romans who will make up numbers on other bases
1 Base of Baeleric Slingers
3 Bases of Auxiliary Cavalry
1 Carroballista (complete with donkeys)
1 Generals base, complete with Russell Crowe (good New Zealander that he is!)
I spent so long painting them, I can't think of anything to say about them. Except to say that they are done! And that I am bad at photography. And I have just seen that some flock has attached to random places. Sigh. But, they are pretty cool now that they are done!
Anyway, enough from me. I am not done yet for the competition, there is still a bit more to do...
Excellent work Chris! You definitely are channeling the Kent mojo this year - bravo!

These soldiers of Rome will give Chris 455 points, giving him enough not only to vault him back into first place in the points standing but also to achieve his second points target goal. Amazing work and well done!


  1. Good grief!! Great looking figures....and back in the lead again!!

  2. These are another excellent bunch,


  3. Wow, great stuff. I occasionally get tempted by doing Romans, but I don't think I'd be able to muster the patience!

  4. Great stuff Chris I think this is going down to the wire

  5. Great stuff Chris. Things are really hotting up in the Battle of the Top 2. Who will win?


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