Thursday, March 14, 2013

From RayR: 28mm Analusian Cavalry (122 points)

From Ray:
Another one of those long forgotten tucked away units...
12 Gripping Beast Andalusian Cavalry to add to my El Cid army.
I've tried to paint these like the rest of my El Cid army, its quite difficult painting down???
I do have another of these cleaned up and ready for a lick of paint, but I don't think I'm going to get the time to start them before the end of the Challenge, never mind!!!
Another excellent medieval Muslim entry! Beautiful work Ray, and, bestill my heart, in the proper scale no less! ;oP Is that one of your banners? Its very, very nice.

This cavalry of the Faithful will provide Ray with 122 points, allowing him to slip past Tamsin into 7th place. Again, lovely work Ray!


  1. These look very nice, hope you get some more in before the end.


  2. Looks great Ray, if you painted that banner yourself, I have to compliment you as it looks great.


  3. Well done Ray!
    I think you should stop now...take a break...

  4. Lovely work Ray! But do you have anything else left in your bag of tricks to remain ahead of me? :)

  5. good to see a bit of 28 from you Ray

  6. Nice work Ray, and in God's own scale for a change!

  7. I do like it when you paint in this scale Ray. I can see the difference in your technique here. Keep it up, you're in the home stretch now!

  8. Afraid the banner's not mine this time, I found it online.


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