Wednesday, March 13, 2013

From Greg: 28mm King's Royal Rifles for the Sudan (120 points)

From Greg:
More Sudan figures for the Challenge Gods.  As before, these are 28mm sculpts from the Perry Twins' Sudan collection. These lads will represent the 3rd battalion, 60th regiment, King's Royal Rifle Corps, on the table. 
The KRRC fought with General Graham's force out of Suakin in 1884 as part of General Buller's brigade.  They saw action at both El Teb and Tamai.  
Their uniforms were consistent with the other British units of the time and theatre i.e. grey(ish) khaki and stained helmets with a pugree   But they are still rifles, and of course rifles always have to be DIFFERENT somehow, or they will go over to one side of the table and pout the whole time.  
In this case, the difference was slight - the webbing and all of their gear was black leather, not buff or white clayed.  It does not confer any extra range for their shooting on the table top :)
There are 19 "advancing" rifle figures, two NCOs, a musician and an officer.  I find the Perrys do an incredible job with their sculpting, such that 20 guys with the same pose still manage to look slightly different enough that the clone-wars look is avoided. 
On to more Sudan stuff as the deadline approaches...

Beautiful work on these Rifles, Greg, and not a mullet amongst them, amazing... Seriously, these guys are fabulous and I can't wait to see them on the tabletop. Is the idea to to put them into sabot trays for larger 'Black Powder' games? 

The KRRC will give Greg 120 points to add to his tally. Great stuff!


  1. What a lovely bunch of figures. Great painting Greg :)

    Curt - can I query the points you've awarded? Greg has submitted 23 figures according to his text, although there are 24 in the pictures. Shouldn't his score have been 115 or 120 points?

    1. Righto! I had his '20 guy' comment in my head when I was calculating the post. Thanks for catching that Tamsin!

  2. Gorgeous, perhaps I've left the Sudan behind too soon.

  3. Thanks guys. Curt - you are right, the sabot trays are the plan for larger Black Powder games. They are apparently "in the mail"...

  4. another great Sudan entry, my brushes are starting to itch to slap some paint on my figures. But they will have to wait NWF first
    Peace James

  5. These look great Greg. I did colonial in 15's, mostly cos I wanted loads of Zulu's.
    I'm thinking of expanding the collection into the Sudan period and these 28's are really tempting me to upsize, damn it! I need a bigger table.


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