Monday, March 11, 2013

From RossM: WWII German Wespe, Marder III & Anti-Tank Guns (62 points)

From Ross:
First up there are two self propelled guns from Britainia Miniatures. Both are 20mm in scale and if I am correct there is a Marder III and a Wespe - although I think the barrel of the gun is in correct for a Wespe. Could be wrong as I have the had the kits for a long time.

Next there are three Tank killers from Battlefront in 15mm. The first pair are Jagdpanzer IV's with which I have gone for a bolder style with the camo than normal for me. 

The next tank is a Jagdpanther which does not have as bold a camo pattern this time. All a great miniatures to paint with a surprising amount of detail.

Now three anti-tank guns. The crew figures are from SHQ and all are 20mm in scale. 

The guns came from Skytrex and include a PAK 43 - (this model really show why it was called a barn door), PAK 40 & PAK 38. 

Only the crew have been painted for the Challenge.

I may have said this before but 20mm is my favourite scale for this period, especially for the Late War era.
Great work Ross. Very nice camo on the vehicles and I really like the bases you've done for the AT guns - nice texture with the mix of tufts and static grass.  

These tank destroyers and anti-tank gun crews will give Ross 62 points. Nice job!


  1. great work the camo on the gunners is the highlight for me
    Peace James

  2. Lovely stuff Ross.
    great camo effect.

  3. Very nice work. Interesting to see you collecting both 15m and 20mm.
    I think the Marder is a Marder II, but could be wrong? The other could be a Wespe but I think the gun barrel end has been snapped off, as it would have mounted the 10.5cm howitzer...

  4. The 15mm FOW kit was a misguided purchase which will be making their way to evil bay when all completed.

    Thanks for the compliments they are greatly appreciated.

    @ Scott you are most likely correct. I have always struggled with identifying armoured vehicles. Normally note the details on the underside of the model but failed to do so on this occassion.

    Cheers, Ross

  5. Nice work Ross! Great basing for the PAKs :)

  6. Very nice. The basing is really impressive. I don't know exactly why, but I prefer the bolder camo pattern.

  7. Great work Ross. Excellent paint jobs.

  8. The gunners are the highlight, not that the rest is too shabby



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