Monday, March 11, 2013

From IannickM: 28mm Canaanite Bedouin Javelineers (60 points)

From Iannick:
Today au menu we have a unit of Shasu Bedouin javelineers for my Canaanite army. The Shasu Bedouin were Semitic speaking pastoral cattle nomads who appeared in the Levant from the late Bronze Age to the Early Iron Age. They were organized in clans under a tribal chieftain. Regarded as outcasts and brigands, they were usually hired as mercenaries to supplement the forces of the Canaanite kings. 

I stayed true to my army colour scheme but included more raw linen clothes to reflect the Shasu's standing or lack thereof. Although I did went colourful on the headgears. As usual, the figures are Foundry, bases by Litko. For those interested, I will put a basing tutorial on my blog in the coming days using this unit as an example.
I'm still way behind my objective but I intend to do my best to at least send one more submission before the end of the contest.

Wow, that is a beautiful unit Iannick. Again, like your previous work for this army, I really like the vibrant colour palette you are using.

These bedouin mercenaries will give Iannick 60 points. Lovely work!


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  2. Grr, clumsy fingers!

    Lovely figures Iannick! :)

  3. Very nice Iannick. I was basing my Moors this weekend I was looking for your basing tutorial, as I am interested in the colour scheme.

    Again very nicely done.


  4. Very nice, Iannick. Those no complex colours are wonderful.

  5. These are lovely. How did you get that skin tone?

  6. beautifull looking group.
    Well done, great post.

  7. Thanks guys! John, expect the tutorial today or tomorrow.

    Millsy, the skin is done with Foundry North African flesh A followed by highlights of North African flesh B and C and then a coat of Army Painter.


Thanks for your comment! As long as you're not a spam droid I'll have it up on the blog soon. :)