Monday, March 11, 2013

From RayR: 15mm Phoenician Marines (32 points)

From Ray:

And now for something completely different.
These 15mm Xyston figures have been have along with tons of other  lead been sitting unopened in my lead draw. To be perfectly honest, I don't even remember buying them??? I did once have a 15mm Greek army, I think these were going to be part of that or they could have been to join the ranks of my Carthaginian army.....who knows?????
The figures are actually Phoenician Marines but could be used for any Greek styled army, unfortunately there wasn't any command figures, so the chap in the middle's in charge!! His names Curtocleas.
Curtocleas? Very nice, I'm honoured. Though I must say it sounds like some sort of 'ailment' you catch on one of those singles vacations... 'A little penicillin will clear that right up.'

Great work Ray! While I've always been a great fan of your jacobin stuff it is nice to see you wander into other periods from time to time.

These orphaned Greek Marines will give Ray 32 points.


  1. These are lovely, though I think these will be sacrificed on e-bay?


  2. "Sounds like some sort of 'ailment'"? Sounds more like an attempt to flatter the judge and get bonus points in a futile attempt to catch up with me! ;)

    Lovely figures Ray. As Curt said, it's great to see you painting other periods :)

    1. Don't let him catch you Tamisin. He must be destroyed!

  3. Gooooo Tamsin, lol.
    Good job on these lil beauties Ray.

  4. Nice work Ray and very subtle your attempt to win favor with Grand Poobah Curt. Yes, you're a crafty one Mr Ray.

  5. The little weasel will stop at nothing to win. Flattery won't work, only painting will.

    Nice job on these though Ray.

  6. looking great, got to love massed spears


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