Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From TimG: 54mm Tratvian Naval Infantry (201 points)

From Tim:
The Tratvian armed forces continue to expand. Rushing to the front with their varnish still tacky is this battalion of Naval Infantry. 
All 54mm. Figures are by Armies in Plastic.  

The standard bearer was produced with the aid of some minor surgery and a laser printed flag.  Forward to the West!  Whichever direction that is....
Schweet! I love these guys! Ever since I was a kid the whole idea of 'naval infantry' fascinated me (actually, coming from the prairies I found anything naval fascinating). I picture these poor naval ratings, in their silly caps, looking at each other thinking, 'How the fuck did we get in this mess? I'm supposed to be safe on some huge ship, with my only worry being how not to get molested by the ship's bursar.'

These Tratvians will earn Tim an enviable 201 points. 


  1. How could they go uncommented?! I just love these miniatures in all their glossy glory.

  2. The old school toy soldier look of these is fabulous. Well done Tim - keep 'em coming! :)

  3. These chaps are the elite of the Tratvian armed forces. There are no ships (yet...) so they've got nothing better to do.


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