Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From RayR: 28mm Victorian London Bobbies (30 points)

From Ray:
Evenin' All. 
I'm goin' all Cockney for today ent'ry, me 12th in fact, I've paint'id up a few Old Bill. 
I've been watchin' a new TV series on da good ol' BBC called Rippa Street, its abaaaht da lives ov some good old London coppers in Victorian England. 
So after I saw 'em on ebay fer a few quid I decided ter partake in 'em an' ent'er 'em in'er challenge. They're from Foundry an' was a doddle ter pain't up. Know what I mean?
Very, very cool Ray! You've done a lovely job on these lads. Were the bases a part of the deal or did you source those separately - they look great. I also like their somewhat small helmets and their over-acentuated poses.

These five 'crushers' will give Ray 30 points, which includes a bit for the extra work on the custom bases. Nice!


  1. I made them there bases me-self Curt, outta green stuff an a lotta love!

    1. Very nice Ray! I've ammended the post and given you a few extra points for those.

  2. " 'ello, 'ello, 'ello. What's this 'ere then?"
    "It's a nose Sarge, not an ear!"

    So does this mean we now have to choose between calling him "The Bastard Rousell" and "Rozzer Ray"?

    Lovely boys in blue sir! Are their heads really that shape though? ;)

    1. ps - I just knew you'd be submitting another lot at the same time as me. Curse Curt for giving you those extra points. I'd be ahead of you with my next lot otherwise (OK, only be a point or 2)

    2. That Ray? 'E's 'avin a larf, inne?

      I mean, ain't proper Cockney rabbit, that, me old china. Gotta do more'n just bung apostrowotists in odd places an' 'ope, y'know.

      'Avin' said that, proper nice bunch of bottle, those are. 'Specially like the piece of frog and toad they got their plates stuck into.

  3. Nice one, you need to start an Empire of the Dead faction with them!

  4. very nice RAY...looking forward to doing greenstuff bases myself :-S

  5. Where did you nick that idea from? ;-)

    Nice work again mate


  6. Nice bit of work there Ray and yes, very British. But not good enough to catch up with the Big Irishman.


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