Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From MichaelA: 28mm British Colonial Heliograph Section & Mounted Camel Corps Command (80 points)

From Michael:
Well after what seems an age, I've managed to finish off a couple more miniatures which I attach for your scrutiny. More from the fabulous Perry brother's Sudan range, this time the Heliograph Section and Mounted Camel Corps Command. As you would expect from the Perrys they were great sculpts to work on, but the Heliograph Section caused me a bit of a dilemma in so much as some of the miniatures just seemed too versatile to commit to one base and so a little terrain build ensued.
The idea was to give them their own piece of high ground from wish to signal away, while allowing me the freedom to use one of the officers and the guard for other duties as when the need arose.

This will be the end of my travels in the Sudan for a while, I'm feeling the need for a bit of variety and I'm also conscious that I've yet to submit my entry fee, so a brief sojourn to Feudal Japan might be in order!
What an absolutely gorgeous piece of work, Michael. This reminds me of your camp set (well, several of your excellent vignettes actually!). Love the Camel Corps command, particularly the blending on the camels. 

This inspiring entry will give Michael a base of 60 points, but I'm adding another 20 for the superb composition and execution of the vignette.


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