Sunday, February 24, 2013

From MichaelF: 15mm WWII American Reconnaissance & AWI Skirmishers (81 points)

From Michael:
The next submission marks the end for my 15mm Americans project in this competition. They will have to wait for reinforcements after we played a couple more games. I finished this small Cavalry recon platoon and a forgotten command stand a while back but I had to wait for decals and in the meantime I put aside my brushes as I could not decide what to paint next. 
Started of with some Napoleonic French but I could not handle the thought of needing to paint so many more before they start to make sense that I left them half painted waiting for better days. 

Then I noticed the Musket & Tomahawk rules hiding in the bookshelves. A quick read through the book and I knew what to do. It was a though call on AWI or some F&I Hurons but I decided to expand a bit on my AWI skirmishers so we can dust of the British. 

I follow the same strategy for AWI as we often do with a period, we start with a skirmish force to get some games and then add more regular larger units for larger scale games.
The American vehicles are from Battlefront and are far better then their Infantry. The Minutemen are Foundry with an Eureka and a Perry mixed in.
This is the typical beautiful work I now come to expect from Michael. The American WWII models are excellent to be sure but I my eye is particularly drawn to his AWI figures - really lovely stuff here.

This submission will give Michael 81 points.


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