Saturday, February 23, 2013

From AndrewS: 18mm Napoleonic British Artillery (72 points)

The last 18mm Napoleonics that I will submit for the challenge, as my focus will be on other areas till the end of the competition.
I found the lead last week hiding in a box while looking for some dwarves to supplement another project, I forgot I even had them as I thought I only had polish infantry left.

The temptation to hold off painting these was too great as I always consider artillery batterys as a quick paint, and I have been sneakily painting these up and avoiding mention in my blog of these so as to surprise Kev, who has been rattling on at me for a lack of painting, although I won't have caught up with him with his recent huge submission I will have put my self on target better to hit my 1000 points.
They are all AB 18mm miniatures, the British battery has 9 crew and 3 guns, the French battery has 12 crew and 4 guns.

Lovely work Andrew. For some reason I always find artillery stands to be a real challenge (usually accompanied with colourful language and gnashing of teeth) so I applaud your ease in getting through them - they look brilliant.

This fine battery will give Andrew 72 points to add to his total, placing him well within striking range of his 1000 target. Well done Andrew!


  1. You kept these quiet buddy.
    Bloody super stuff, Andy.

  2. Great looking Arty, and I'm with Curt on this one. I have always found arty to be a slow down type of job.


  3. Really nice work Andrew and a great finish to your 18mm run!



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