Sunday, February 10, 2013

From Kevin: 28mm WWI German A7V Tank, British Lanchester Armoured Car & Ronin #23

From Kevin:
Here after some delay are better pics of the two Mk IVs, male and female.  I've also completed their nemesis, a German A7V, named "Nixe" purchased as a resin and metal kit from Old Glory. I was quite happy with the quality of the model, and it compares favorably with another A7V I painted up a few years ago from Brigade Games.  I based it on illustrations from Osprey's book on WW1 German Panzers, together with a few historical photographs.  It doesn't correspond to any one A7V but is more like a combination of a couple of German tanks that fought near Villiers-Bretonneux in 1918. 
 I've also completed an Old Glory British Lanchester armored car. 
And finally, after what for me is a monumental week of painting, you have Ronin Number 23, from Old Glory's Samurai Wars.  

Also, here is an action shot of the two British Mk IVs from my previous entry.

This is really wonderful work Kevin. I particularly like the splinter pattern camouflage you've done on the A7V and the Samurai figure, of course, is fabulous - thank you very much!  

Finally, that last trench photo is awesome! Kevin, I think your work in the WWI oeuvre rivals that of Sidney. I find both of your work amazing, unsettling and inspiring, all in succession.

These WWI vehicles and Ronin #23 will give Kevin 50 points. Well done!


  1. Nice camo on that A7V. I have the same tank from OG, and am now tempted to camo it also. Best, Dean

  2. Nice work Kev on all the figures! I like the shading on the armoured car, you can't really do a lot with it, colourwise, but it looks excellent.

  3. All these are great but the trench photo is awe inspiring


  4. Fantastic models! I like a lot your samurai.

  5. Curt, thanks for the positive comments. After a slow start I feel I'm finally getting into my stride. As for your comments about Sidney, well I have to say his amazing blog was what got me into WW1 in the first place. I've learnt an immense amount from his prolific posts.


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