Sunday, February 10, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Late Antiquity Archers (10 points)

From Ben:
This little Late Antiquity archer stand is all I've managed in over a week. The figures are by Miniart, from their Late Roman set, but I reckon they are non-specific enough to be included in both Roman and Gothic armies. 
I've based them off centre so that they fit in with a base of Roman archers I've already made. When positioned behind the first base, they'll have a clear field of fire and not look like they're about to take out the front row!
I have used bristles from a kitchen brush to simulate taught bowstrings; fairly simple and very effective IMHO!
I suppose I should use this opportunity to spruik my Late Antiquity blog, Romani in Tenbris. It's not as active as my Napoleonic blog, but I intend to get enough forces on both the Roman and Gothic sides to be able to launch a small game of Comitatus later this year, and this blog documents my (slow!) efforts in reaching that goal.
Wow, the use of brush bristles for bowstrings gives an excellent effect! Great job. Ben's guide to how he did this can be found on his new blog - check it out.

This pair of archers will give Ben 10 points, with a little extra added for the bowstrings.


  1. Nice idea with the bristles as bow strings. Might have to try that myself.

  2. These look great, also like the bowstring idea



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