Sunday, February 10, 2013

From JamesB: 28mm Seven Years War Cavalry (283 points)

From James:
I have been told I am all brush and no chat so here goes, for this entry I give you 3 units of Cavalry for our French Seven Years  War army. 
First up 12 Foundry Miniatures Hussars, these do not have the correct headgear for French troops but I bought all my Hussars as a horde from foundry, I used all the mirliton wearing figures on the Prussians so I have made do. I like the light blue color of their uniform it contrast well with the red.
The next two units are from Front Rank and are painted up as 2 units of Royal Allemand with their bearskins. I love the contrast again between the blue coat and red cuffs. 

I have 2 more Front Rank units of heavy Cavalry which will in Grey-white coats and red cuffs. I love the Front Rank SYW range 90% of my Dads retirement present was Front Rank.
Whoa! That is a heap of gorgeous cavalry James! Those hussars are quite the flash lads in their light blue pelisse and the bearskinned Royals are class as well. Very, very nice. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the the heavies in their grey and white with red facings.

These three regiments of cavalry with their colours will give Jame a very impressive 283 points. This will see him back into first place and also has him breaking the 2K mark. Bravo!


  1. Wow you continue to put out great looking figures, this fight for the top spot is producing fantastic results


  2. Great work James! Congrats on cracking that 2k mark. Guess I had better pull finger and paint something to catch up now?

  3. Great work James, I think your gonna smash your 3k prediction.

  4. Great looking figures James and it looks like you could reach the 3k


  5. Fantastic work by James. Beautifully painted and impressive production. Best, Dean

  6. Lovely looking cavalry with a great looking blue!


  7. These look great very skilfully done


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