Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From Millsy: 28mm Spanish Guerrillas (60 points)

From Millsy:
This time I’m submitting some commission work for my mate. These are Front Rank 28mm Napoleonics for use with 'Song of Drums and Shakos' skirmish level rules. The basing is vanilla as these will be finished up by him to match the rest of the force.
The first batch are some guerrilla characters on foot. These sculpts (and my painting) are based on the illustrations from Osprey’s Elite 108 - Spanish Guerrillas in the Peninsular War 1808-14.
The second batch are Don Julian Sanchez lancers 1810-12 from the same book. We had to go with whatever we could find regards the sculpts but have matched the uniform as close as possible. Lovely sculpts but some of the most fiddly mounted 28s I've ever painted. I do love their horses though. Certainly amongst the best going around IMHO.

Something interesting to note regards the photos – the mate who commissioned the work bought me a pair of rechargeable folding LED lights for my birthday, specifically so I can take photos of minis indoors regardless of time of day or weather. It’s quite late in the arvo here and pouring with rain so pretty drab and dark for daytime, yet these photos have come out jolly well for a first go. Hardly any Photoshop retouching needed at all. I think once I get the camera settings worked out they will be a great tool and I thoroughly recommend them. I imagine similar lights are available in most countries.

Lovely work Millsy, I'm sure your friend will be delighted with these. Also, thanks for the tip on the photography lights. I have a battery powered LED set but rechargeables would be a great improvement I think.

These Spanish guerrillas and irregular cavalry will give Millsy 60 points. 


  1. Nice mix of regional guerrillas out there!!!: Catalans, Andalusians.... nicely painted, congratulations

  2. Hi. The infantry figures are actually Brigade Games. I have just brought them and am in the process of painting the same ones. Lovely sculpts and the work on these is great - I am pinching the colour scheme for the priest with the cross:)

  3. great work, some real characters there

  4. Viva España ! Viva Fernando VII ! Mueren los franceses ! ;)
    Great painting ! Congratulations !
    Philippe (French...)

  5. Beautifully painted figures - lovely sculpting. I like those lancers a lot. Dean

  6. We are getting spoiled here for lovely Spanish figures from several centuries! Those are very fine, and the LED light tip is helpful. Thanks!

  7. Nice work, Millsy!

    Thanks for the info re. the LED lamps. Might have to invest in some, myself.

  8. Hi All. Thanks for the positive feedback. @briansmaller they are indeed Brigade Games (I don't buy em, I just paint em!) so well spotted.

  9. Very nice indeed, bags of character



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