Tuesday, January 29, 2013

From RobP: 28mm ACW 69th New York (124 points)

From Rob:

Here is my second entry for the competition -  this time the 69th New York (1st regt Irish Brigade).

Again Redoubt figures with mainly Steve Barber heads. These mix very well size-wise and have more character than the Redoubt heads so actually a no brainer if you want to have more variation in your units. 

So another unit of 24 to add to my points total and to close in a little on the fast movers in the contest... 

These are the last Redoubt figures in this brigade, except for the Meager/Kirby command figures. Rest of the brigade will be made of the outstanding Foundry ACW figs.
An excellent unit of New York Oirish there Rob - well done!

These lads from the 69th will give Rob 124 points.


  1. The head swaps certainly are worth it; very characterful faces!

    The flags are great, too. where'd you source them from?

  2. great entry, head swaps add to the unit
    Peace James

  3. They're a great looking unit of Irish!!

  4. Really nice job and do I see reinforcements in the background?


  5. Really nice, the flags are fine too!

  6. They look nice and Redoubt are just great figures!