Monday, January 28, 2013

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic Italians & Ancient Germans (70 points)

From Ben:
Here's an eclectic entry; Italian Conscripts of the Guard and Germanic Warriors, all 1/72nd scale.
The Italians are the second battalion of Conscripts of the Guard I've painted for my Borodino project. As the OB I'm working from requires it to be an 8 figure battalion, I've also made small terrain panels to go beside the command figures, rather than have an empty spot on the movement tray (you can see them best in the second photo of the unit in column).
The figures are from the HaT French Light Infantry range of marching, action and command figures. I've only had to trim the epaulets of the soldiers to make them accurate. The drummer is painted in a speculative colours.

The officer is a conversion I did before the Challenge started, so I can only claim the other 7 figures. I gave him a new sword blade as his original sword looked rather puny in comparison.
The second is a stand of Scary, Hairy Librarians...err Barbarians, sorry. Though it'd be handy having a bunch of these at work: "You have overdue books. Return them or Guntheric will get angry!" They are a stand of Shock Infantry for Comitatus rules. 
The front row are figures by Miniart, which are nicely sculpted with active poses, but are let down by production values; lots of flash and misaligned moulds. 
The back row are Strelets Ancient German figures, which are probably a little too early to be incorporated in the same stand, but I'm not that fussy and they add a little variation.

I like the Swabian knot hairstyles they sport, and the range of animal skins and cloaks, too.

Great work Ben! Lovely work on those Italians - I may have to try a unit of these in 28mm.

Hmm, librarians with their hair up in Swabian knots? Could be sexy. Not sure how these lads would look in horn-rimmed glasses, black pumps and tube skirts though... Oh, probably still pretty fierce.

These two units will give Ben 70 points, including a few extra for the nicely painted shields and plaid cloaks.


  1. Both lots look great but the Italians are the best in my mind


  2. All really fine figures. The Napoleonics are excellent, they look as good as any 28 metal figures I've seen.
    I hope the Strelets guy with the green shield and the bear cloak and hat got extra points. He rules!

  3. I saw numerous realizations with these figurines HAT, I painted myself a French light battalion of infantry, but I think that your figurines are the most beautiful that I was able to see.
    For the blade of the sword of the officer I cut a small strip of plastic sheet(leaf) afin to obtain a weapon in the more realistic proportions.

  4. Italian Conscripts? Very interesting models, and very nice too!


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