Monday, January 28, 2013

From SebG: 15mm Thirty Years War French Regiment de Bussy-Rabutin (42 points)

I have to apologize for the delay in updates but work had me dashing around the province for interminable meetings. (I've tried to explain to them my responsibilities as a toy soldier blogger but they pay me no heed. I know, the pitiless, slave-driving cads...) 

So, lets start catching up with a submission from Seb.
For my next entry, I've sent you pics from my last French unit: the Bussy-Rabutin infantry regiment. They fought at Rocroi and in Germany afterwards.
They were lead by the count Roger de Rabutin, born in 1638. He started his military career at 16 in Lorraine, and fought under Conde and Turenne. He was also elected in 1665 at the prestigious Academie Francaise (s'il vous plait).
Once again, 20 minis from Old Glory, and flags from Flags of war.
Another lovely regiment under your belt, Seb! How many are in your collection now? You must be amassing a good sized force. You should give us a group shot of them when the Challenge ends.

Regiment de Bussy-Rabutin, with their white and grey colours, will give Seb 42 points.


  1. another stunning unit there Seb, keep them coming

  2. Thanks. I 'll check how many units I have painted for this army, maybe something like 13-14.
    And I'll do a group shot once really finished ;)

  3. Another fab looking unit Seb, love the flags even though they are in pretty drab colours!

  4. Nicely done and very interesting to look at it. It's interesting to see the transition in weapons and headgear from renaissance to early modern. I like the colours you've used and suspect the photos don't do it justice.

  5. Another nice looking regiment in the books, I also vote for a group shot



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