Sunday, December 30, 2012

From SebG: 15mm Thirty Years War Scots under French Command (42 points)

Seb sends in this great TYW unit  of irascible Scots in French service.

From Seb:
This is my third entry: The Royal Scots, under French command. 
Indeed, during the Thirty Years War, many Scots, previously fighting for the Swedes, fought for the French after they entered officially the war. Most of them were veterans so were really appreciated. Those 20 minis are 15mm from Old Glory (including the dead one, from their ECW range). 

They're based for FOG-R, as a 6 bases pike and shot unit. Flags are from Flags of war. For the record, I had started painting them in September over bare metal, but lost interest. When I decided to join the comp, I gave them a Detoll bath, and then primed them in white.
Very nice work Seb. 

These 20 figures will give Seb a base of 40 point but I'm adding a couple more for the standards.

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