Sunday, December 30, 2012

From MilesR: 28mm American Civil War Confederate Infantry (120 points)

From Miles:
I suppose I should let you know the contest has performed a minor miracle here on the Maryland Eastern Shore - my wife has taken an interest in my hobby and has been urging me to keep painting.  I'm sure there is some hidden and nefarious reason for this behavior, but I'll take it it while I can.  So without further ado, please let me introduce to you and for the first time with spousal approval, the 2nd Maryland Regiment   The 2nd Maryland was part of Steuarts Brigade In Johnson's division and saw action in the fighting for Culps Hill.
The figures are the new Perry Plastic confederate infantry and I have to say these are the best plastic figures I've ever come across.  Each box has 44 figures (40 infantry and 4 command) and there are lots of hat options.  As you can see, there's another regiment that has just started the painting process so hopefully I'll have another regiment to submit in a few days.
Excellent stuff Miles! In regards to your better half, I'd wait for the other shoe to drop (or the 6 pair that she just bought 'on a sale that could not be denied').

These two dozen Rebs will give Miles a very nice 120 points which will place him back in the lead position in the total points standings. Good job!


  1. Nice work Miles and you really got your competitive shoes on!


  2. Great work Miles, and glad to see your wife has taken an interest in your painting.
    Peace James

  3. Lovely work Miles and what an understanding better half you have :)

  4. Beautiful work Miles! Really like the look of these rebels.

  5. These are very nice, I say take it whilst you can regards the wife. Anyway it's worth it to get so much done ;-)


  6. Step away from the brushes .. it will prove expensive is SWMBO is agreeing!

  7. Might be tricky, but I would carry on. Great job by the way.



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