Sunday, December 30, 2012

From BenG: 20mm Napoleonic French Casualty, Napoleonic Croates & 20mm WWII Soviets (44 points)

From Ben:

Here's the latest from my workbench: More 20mm Soviets and some Napoleonic infantry.

The Napoleonic morale marker (above) is another one from the Schilling range, to be used with the the battalions I'm making. 

The mortar and crew are by PSC and the AA machine gunner and observer are from Crusader (I think).

I'm only claiming 4 of the HaT 4e/1e Provisional Croatian Regt. for the Challenge, as I'd painted the elites and a couple of the marching poses before I entered.

Excellent work Ben. It's great to see one of the more unusual Napoleonic formations - that Croatian uniform is quite nice with the green jacket, yellow/red facings and white waistcoat. 

This selection of figures will give Ben 44 points.


  1. Those Croats look hot. Brings up those HaT figs proper.

  2. Nice work! The Croatian's look very cool!

  3. Great stuff. Good to see some more unusual Nap's

  4. looking great. Keep up the good work
    Peace James

  5. Love the Croats, I painted up some 20mm Dutch for a blog giveaway a few months back and I know they can have chalenges but you have made your look fantastic.


  6. Lovely entries all around. If I was in the Luftwaffe I would fly high and away from that evil looking quad HMG.
    Good work sir,

  7. Great work on the Croats. Very businesslike indeed. I thought they were 28s to begin with they are so well painted.

  8. Thanks all. Happy New Year to you all, too!


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