Saturday, December 22, 2012

From MichaelA: 28mm British Camel Corps & 7lb Screw Gun with Crew (45 points)

Michael sends in this lovely detachment of 28mm Victorian soldiery.

From Michael:
After what feels like two days of non stop painting I've finally completed my first entry!  All from the Perry brothers' Sudan range, we have three members of the dismounted Camel Corps supporting a 7lb Screw gun and crew.  Delighted to get my first points on the board before the Christmas break.

You can almost smell the axle grease, sweat and gunpowder (and perhaps a wafting scent of qabili palao and chutney?).

Beautiful work Michael. These lads with their 'door-knocker' will give you 45 points, officially marking your entry on the points roster. Well done.


  1. As always Michael, very nicely done. Do you mean you will be taking a break?????? ;-)


  2. Yes Sudan figures from Michael just what I wanted to see, great work. Looking forward to seeing more as the comp goes on.
    Peace James

  3. Great Victorian piece as one would expect from you Michael! Looking forward to more!


  4. Michael's off the line with a work of art painted to the standard we all expect. Well done, sir!

  5. Wow - that is outstanding. Just lovely!

  6. Brilliant work. Exceptionally nice work on the faces. I am sure that sergeant is telling them to crack on and put some effort into it.
    Well done.

  7. Jolly nice work old boy. I have plans to add one of these to my collection. Yours is inspirational stuff as always!

  8. Lovely stuff, what a dinky little gun!

  9. Yes, lovely! A fantastic painting work!


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