Saturday, December 22, 2012

From JamesB: 28mm F&IW Woodland Indians (60 points)

James sends in this great group of Woodland Indians from the French & Indian Wars.

From James:

These 12 figures are mostly from Redoubt Miniatures I have been painting French Indian Wars stuff for over a year now and love the period. I chose these to do first for two reasons, first a shamless attempt to gain extra points by showing figures from a war that played a huge part in forming Curts country :) second any of these FIW figures I get done before boxing day I can drop off with my Dad.

Excellent stuff James! I really like what you've achieved with the skin tones - very nice work.

This war party will give James 60 points to put on the board. 


  1. Cracking figures. Very very fine work. An early favourite for my people's choice award vote.


  2. One of my favourite periods! Nice one James!!!

  3. I've been watching the development of these with interest and great to see them here - stunning skin tones and leather work James.

  4. Not to sound like I am repeating but the skin tone looks great. Nice sculps as well, you did them justice


  5. My favourite Indians are the Redoubt Indians as they just look dangerous. Nicely Done!


  6. Nicely done James
    The skin tones are exceptionally well done and nice try in buttering up the Lord High Commissioner of the Challenge with the historical reference
    Back to Painting Japanese!

  7. Nicely done, these guys ave a lot of character

  8. Very nice figures, James. I like a lot the Redoubt figures for this period.


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