Saturday, December 22, 2012

From AndrewS: 15mm WWII German Prime Mover & 18mm Napoleonic Polish Artillery Battery (88 points)

Andrew sends in two different periods: one Napoleonic in 18mm and the other from the Second World War in 15mm.

From Andrew:
I have been burning some midnight oil and completed a couple of items for my 1st entries into the challenge.
The first item is a 15mm Battlefront sdk250/9 recovery truck and driver. The size of this took me by surprise requiring a base half as long again as my Tiger, the main reason for adding this to my DAK force. The painting of this has completed my DAK tank company.

The next items were found recently when I was clearing out my drawers and hidey holes. I have painted 4 pieces of 18mm Napoleonic Polish artillery with crews. They are all from AB miniatures. These were due to be additions to my Saxon corp in 18mm but as I am venturing back into 28's they are no longer required but needed to fund new 28's.

Very nice work, Andrew. I especially like that battery of Polish guns. Those AB sculpts are so nice and you've really done them justice.

I'm going to count the 18mm AB's as 20mm for scoring. So, 88 points in total.


  1. Those gun crews are very nice As are the guns) I hope you get a good price for them. The tractor is so good I assumed it was a larger scale!


  2. A wonderful eclectic mix and nicely done.

  3. Great work on the Poles Andrew! I'm very nearly finished my first entry as well. Keep plugging away!!

  4. Very nice love the guns

  5. Lovely work, Andrew. I like the guns, especially.

  6. ABs are beautiful miniatures and you've done them proud sir!

  7. Very nice work on some great figures!


  8. Great work, now go catch up with your sleep
    Peace James

  9. well done Andrew, good to see so many 15mm minis getting posted.

  10. Very nice - now stop distracting me from painting

  11. Very nice work, and the bases are really good!


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