Tuesday, March 13, 2012

From ChrisP: 28mm WWII Germans & Ajax (36 points)

A fresh entry from Chris:
I am working on a nice big lump of troops for the challenge (will be finished at the weekend, I hope!), but here are a few random things to keep the points total ticking over.

First up is Greater Ajax for the Greek SAGA modification. The core of the model comes from Immortal Miniatures, being the body and the head. The arms come from a Warlord Games Ancient Briton, the cape from a Gripping Beast Saxon plus greenstuffing a new collar to fit the model. The axehead is from a Gripping Beast Viking. I am pretty happy with him - the conversion is a little bit "wooden", but it should serve to make him look sufficiently different to any other Greek commander out there! Now, mythologically speaking he should not have an axe, but I have bowed out to the hollywood pressures for him. I have a whole speal lined up about him, but I will save that for my blog, will put it up tomorrow (what a tease).

Next up is a group of 6 Warlord Games plastic Late War Germans for WW2, painted up to represent the 5th Gerbigsjager. These 6 are all standard kit models, no modifications. I have given them all field caps to help reinforce that they are Gerbigsjager, as well as having a crack at painting an Edelweiss patch on their right arm. Now, Warlord plastics are getting much better- their new Russian Napoleonics I actually quite like, but the faces on these guys... oooh... They have a certain ugly charm, but they are exactly that, ugly! The 6 men are an officer, and a 5 man squad with an MG42 and a NCO with MP40. The arms/guns don't fit together wonderfully, I can see me getting grumpy when I assemble the other 19 of them....

This group will give Chris 36 points including a pip for the conversion on Ajax. Very nice work!


  1. For more about Ajax, head here http://www.warpooch.blogspot.co.nz/2012/03/saga-trojan-war-on-heroic-greek.html for my write up on him!

    But now, gotta get back to painting....

  2. Chris - I've seen a lot of similar views with the Warlord plastics. They seem to be a far bit off the mark.

    On the other hand, you did a great job with the painting! That's the nicest I've seen them look.

  3. Very nice, Chris, Ajax is a beautiful model.

  4. Excellent!! love the Ajax figure!!

  5. Excellent. Ajax is cracking great to see conversions and creations. It is a nice feel knowing you have something no other gamer will have! Well done.

  6. If I can get an idea, I always enjoy converting. It is actually nice to have one work properly in this case!


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