Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Challenge and The Big Push - Woof Woof!

Let's Doooo IT! 
As we enter into the final week of the Challenge I'm starting to see many of the lads make that extra effort to get submissions done in order to meet their personal targets.  I find this is all very inspiring and exciting. I know I have a few projects that I'm desperately trying to get done so I can keep pace with John and Greg.

After Kent, who's first place position in the points roster seems virtually unassailable, there are six Challengers who are all are within striking distance of 2nd and 3rd. I think it will come right down to the last hours to see how it all turns out.

On top of the points race we also have the Judge's, People's and Sarah's Choice awards to keep things interesting. These will be determined in the weeks following the Challenge to give time for folks to get their picks in. 

Just as a reminder the deadline for submissions is March 20th, 11:59 pm (Saskatchewan time). I plan to spend much of the 21st furiously catching up on what I know will be a deluge of 11th hour submissions - it will be a lot of fun so stay tuned!

And for that extra bit of inspiration: 'Stay on target, stay on target...'


  1. Think your right, Kent's got first place well and truly sewn up!! I would have been happy with a top 5 finish, but I hope I can make it into the silver medal position, got a few things up my sleeve that may help with the final push!!!

  2. Curt, you are going to have a lot of work these days. I expect to reach the 4000... er, excuse me, the 400 points and, with a last special model.

    Good luck to the top five!!!

  3. What does Ray keep up his sleevies....some armies....!!

    Maybe 2000 ish for me - but not sure

    unless i drop in another Mahdi warband... or two ;-)

  4. Top 5 seems a fair goal- Must remember to paint a female miniature for Sarah's choice!

    Damn work getting in the way of my painting!

  5. Just letting you know that Ray's next submission is a travesty........

  6. @Juan: I am very curious to this 'last special model'

    @Dave: I am fully expecting a Mahdi 'uprising' from you

    @Chris: Its in these dire situations that 'sick time' was created.

    @Fran & Ray: I would expect nothing but a 'travesty' from Ray, it may only be matched by the points I may (or may not) award him...

  7. Well I am unlikely to placed other than mid-pack, which I am more than happy with, and all I really expected... I ponder what might have been,... if this had been our winter over here too(rained in at the weekends etc) and I hadn't had Father visit for three weeks, plus a week after also required to sober up and stop my painting hand quivering ;-). Still I don't think I'd ever have caught "Mr Octopus" ;-)

    Still again I am happy with what I have achieved, and to be honest its kept me motivated.

    I should be submitting my Nebelwerfers tonight... Busy now with the 'Curts Viking figure' which I should complete in a couple of days... I have a platoon of FoW 8cm Mortar guys base coated but doubt I'll finish them by deadline...

    So the next painting challenge needs to be 'fantasy/sci-fi themed' then I might be able to wade through my LOTR backlog... ;-)

    Best to all, and thanks for all the positive comments and encouragement.

  8. Well it's obvious that the madness has set in Oh the excitement,I'm busy trying to finish a 15mm submission which includes a rather large wooden horse ( can you guess). Looking forward to seeing what people have left, and Ray can't wait to see your travesty.

  9. Ahhhh, Lord Flashheart. I wish someone did a mini for him, I would love to paint him.
    Well done all who took part on this. I hope there's a rematch.

  10. well the date certainly seems to have crept up, I am pretty sure that I will have one more unit to submit, and hoping to have one further small submission that is not even primed yet to shall we say "crown" my entries. Certainly not in striking distance of anywhere near the top, but have gone a long way with my Prussian project.


    ps good luck to all and my special congratulations to those who got into the the 1000's.....that is a lot of painting!

  11. I'm hoping to get into the 400's and with some luck maybe hit 500. Work, commitments and my slow brush always conspire against me, but I'll put my head down and try my best! Very impressive point totals from the top dogs and I've really enjoyed watching what everyone submits!


  12. It has been great fun, but three months seems to have flown by. Best of luck to all challengers with hitting your personal targets.

    I'm taking tomorrow off work to ensure I make it over the 500 line. Looking like I won't need it so perhaps I'll get some more done (or show some love the long-neglected Playstation...)



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