Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From FranL: 15mm Moderns (296 points)

Fran sends in another impressive escalation to his mad, dystopian world where the forces of Franonia and Rayonia are locked in a constant, mortal struggle for vast resources and boundless power (i.e. Burger King and merciless smack talk)

From Fran:
QRF BTR-70's and a QRF ZSU 23-4 Shilka, poor models but that's for a later date....

Two Peter Pig High Suspension Toyota's....

Two patrol boats from The Scene (starting a navy as well)......

Destroyed Humvee from Peter Pig and a US M1A2 from QRF again....

US Marine Oshkosh Truck from QRF.......

Downed Huey from Flames of War (there were rotors but there was an argument and they're on the other side of my office at work)....

Peter Pig Rayonian forces with berets....

Peter Pig Rayonian forces with helmets....

Close up of berets...

Close up of helmeted Rayonians....

This vast force will net Fran a very impressive 296 points. Well done! We all bow down to the ginger haired tyrant. 


  1. I like it!
    Good game for you

  2. Who is this ginger haired bloke then?
    Ray has got to you too!

  3. It must be Rayonian propaganda or Ray Fifth Columnists...

  4. Excellent stuff Mr Lurker sir!!

  5. Nicely done Fran!!! I think?
    The forces of Rayonia will crush you Imperialist scum!!!

  6. We bow to the terror and power of the Rayonians!

    I think I picked up a whiff of frustration with the QRF models - if so, you are not alone. Their castings are really, really bad in many cases. And yet the proprietor is one of the most active chaps on TMP, always quick with a "oh, well, that particular mold is very old and I'm actually having it done...."

    Outside of Peter Pig, the quality of modern 15mm gets very dodgy...

  7. I totally agree Greg, bleeding terrible some of them...

  8. A full army, Fran. They are a very nice collection of models.

    Best regards, and good hunt.

  9. Very nice work Fran and nice catch of points to add to your already impressive total!


  10. Blimey - thats a hord. Just not sure about the baseboard they are = looks a bit wooden to me.. ;-) must try harder


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