Sunday, January 29, 2012

From Sylvain: 28mm Napoleonic Russians in Early-Period Uniform (Novgorod Regiment) & Command Stand (80 points)

Sylvain sends in this excellent battalion of early-period Napoleonic Russian infantry to add to his other fine unit he did for last year's Challenge.

These are 28mm metal Victrix castings sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. Sylvain has painted them to depict the first battalion of the Novgorod Regiment. I've always liked how colourful Russian flags were during this period and these are no exception (done up by 'Flag Dude').

Above is a very nice command stand that Sylvain will use to indicate a Brigade-level commander. Great work and I like the incorporation of the junior officer on foot.

I've been teasing Sylvain pretty hard to get more Russians done so I'm delighted to see these emerge from his paining desk.

Some of the models for this unit were done before the Challenge began so 12 foot and 2 mounted will be scored. Nonetheless that gives Sylvain a very nice 80 points - well done and welcome to this year's Challenge, Sylvain! 


  1. Great stuff Sylvain. Always nice to see more troops ready to stand up to Napoleon's lackeys. Your stuff looks awesome!

  2. Stunning work! Absolutely lovely; the flags are particularly attractive. Dean

  3. Very nice work Sylvian, always like the Russians....

  4. Wonderful figures and compositions, Sylvain; they are very nice.

  5. This is a very nice looking battalion and I agree the flags look great. I especially like the command stand

  6. Very cool Sylvain!!!
    So hard to choose what Russian army to do in 28mm now. loads of hard fighting in these guys!


  7. A great looking unit Sylvain and nice to see you off the mark!!

  8. Wonderfull painted unit Sylvain!



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