Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Painting Entry by Sylvain: 28mm Victrix 1805 -1808 Russians

Here's another entry for the Napoleonic Spring-Thaw Painting Challenge! This one is from my friend Sylvain and he brings to us a battalion of mid-period (1805-08) Russians from the Smolensk Regiment. Beautiful work, Sylvain!

One thing you have to understand is that  Sylvain is a very task-oriented kind of guy, with a terrific amount energy and clear focus (freakishly obsessive, really). So I was delighted when I caught him between projects with a game of 'Black Powder' (I let him win) and a cock n' bull tale of 19th century Russian stoicism, martial glory and their perverse propensity for using acres and acres of guns. The poor man really didn't have a chance. He took it, hook, line and sinker and now I have great expectations of seeing a  Russian army on the table in the near future. All in all an epic win for Curt's Cunning Plan.

These are new(ish) Victrix metals are sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. In addition to the above lads from Smolensk, Sylvain has the following regiments either arrayed on his painting desk or coming in as reinforcements:

- Novgorod
- Apsheron
- Arkhangelrorod
- Preobrajensky (Guards)
- Pavlov artillery, plus cavalry - the man is completely mad! Bless his soul.

So with this in mind, keep and eye out for more entries from Sylvain in the coming months...

Sylvain tells me that eight of these were done before the Challenge started, with another eight that were already in process, so this group will count for nine points.


  1. Sylvain - looks great! I remember how fired up I felt after getting the first unit under the belt. Having observed your progress rate at other projects, I'm sure you'll have a Russian column on the table in no time!

  2. Hear, hear! And since we're speaking of the progress of people's collections, I know we have some Austrian stuff from Greg about to make an appearance AND Prussians from Stacy. Hmm, Russians, Austrians and Prussians? This smacks of a coalition...

  3. Very nicely done, what pink does he use?


  4. The pink on the collar and cuff is Citadel "Tentacle Pink."

  5. Yes one of the great pinks, unfortunately no longer available.



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