Sunday, January 29, 2012

From TimB: 28mm Dark Age Scots, Vikings and a Norman (195 points)

Tim has been stoking the furnace of industry and sends in this great collection of ferocious, bloody-minded Dark Age Scots ('Pre-Feudal' Scots in DBA-speak) that would even make Lady Macbeth proud.

These are an assortment of Old Glory, Gripping Beast and Black Tree Design.

The round-based vignettes are to be used as Army Markers for Tim's DBA campaign system but I can see where they would be great Warlords for SAGA as well. a few Viking berserkers and a lonely Norman looking for a good time.

This collection of 35 figures will give Tim a base of 175 but I'm going to give him 20 points extra for the hand-painted shields, flags and plaids. So 195 points. Great work Tim!


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