Monday, January 9, 2012

From RayR: 15mm 1904 Japanese (288 points)

Ray has changed gears from Russian partisans and submits here a group of 1904 Japanese infantry from the Russo-Japanese War.

These are 15mm Old Glory castings. Ray says they are nice models but a bit fiddly to paint.

Nonetheless, I like the variation of uniforms and colour in the unit. Well done!

We have here six groups of sixteen figures so that nets Ray a very handsome 288 points! A very respectable haul.

Ray tells me that he has a couple Japanese cavalry units coming soon and then its on to Nine Years War Huguenots.


  1. great job they look really cool

  2. Ray, will all your submissions be mostly other peoples figures?, I'm with Curt and the rest of the boys by saying I'm appalled!

  3. Great job Ray! Really cool miniatures and very interesting period!


  4. Up yours Ginge!!!!
    And probably Yes!!

  5. LOL - great stuff, and of couse the smack talk is the best part...

  6. The thing I'm appauled by is the distance I am falling back. Nice figures and such a wide variety of periods you seem to be painting as well. Great stuff!!!


  7. The figures look great and it's the first time I've seen painted figures from the Russo-Japanese war!

    Based on the bickering it looks like we need to ghost of Teddy Roosevelt to come and make piece between the nations of Raylonia and Frangaria. Then again, maybe not, as everyone may get become mesmerized by the spectacle created by their erudite debating skills and allow me to sneak ahead!


  8. Very nice figures, Ray, I like a lot the mix of colours in them.

    Best regards.


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